Staying Ahead in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) World

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With shorter, more volatile economic and market cycles, the ability of any company to achieve and maintain market leadership is increasingly challenging. In the race to stay ahead, a key strategy often overlooked is talent and workforce development. It is always important to maintain a good team of agile, productive and effective employees equipped with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) offers a range of signature programs to nurture various essentials skills for the workforce, ranging from executives to corporate leaders.

The Change Essentials Programme

The expectation for leaders at all levels to deliver results under conditions of increasing change and uncertainty is ever present in various organisations. However, many of these leaders are unprepared and are ill-equipped to lead change.

In SHRDC’s Change Essentials Programme, participants will first learn the components of Dr John Kotter’s 8 Steps for Successful Change and Four Critical Leadership Principles that must be in place to ensure successful change. John Kotter is Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School.

Participants will then explore and practise how to get and keep people on board and support change by learning about the definition of true urgency and how to build and maintain it in their own context.

The session includes practices, interactive exercises and tools in the following core areas:

–  How to Build a Foundation for Successful Change

–  How to Ignite Urgency for Change

Applying the principles for building urgency, you will work with different types to establish momentum for an idea or a current change initiative. Focus areas include how to gather support, how to identify who must be urgent, and how to develop messages that both appeal to all styles and rise above the din of competing messages.

This is two-day, classroom-based, highly interactive programme for up to 25 participants. There is approximately an hour of pre-work that can be completed either online or through handout materials. The structure includes a mix of individual, small group and large group work. This session is most appropriate for mid-level leaders and high potentials; facilitators can also tailor the delivery so that the programme is relevant for senior leaders or front-line managers.

Kotter leadership round table in New Delhi with 10 companies earlier this year      


Leading Positive Performance Workshop

 A positive, engaged brain is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy and is essential in rapidly-changing environments. As such, the Leading Positive Performance workshop provides a blueprint for increasing employee engagement and tapping into people’s intrinsic motivations.

The workshop teaches the seven core principles of the science of happiness from The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life by Shawn Achor. These principles – the Happiness Advantage; the Zorro Circle; the 20-second Rule; the Social Investment Solution; Mindset Matters; the Tetris Effect; and Falling Up – provide a springboard for people at the individual, team and organisational levels, thus showing people how to infuse positive practices in their personal habits, teamwork routines and the organisation’s culture.

The Workshop

Using The Orange Frog – a story written specifically to support this workshop – as a backdrop, participants explore their own workplace and identify similar pressures, characters and threats as Spark, the main character in the story.

They are then challenged to develop habits and strategies to resolve these pressures, thus allowing them to follow Spark’s journey and develop strategies to ripple positive results throughout their own teams and departments.

Primary Workshop Objectives

–   Increased Individual Positivity (Self Leadership)

–   Sustained Team Happiness and Adaptability (Team Leadership)

–   Increased Happiness and Engagement across the Organisation

     (Culture Shaping)

Recent Leading Positive Performance Workshop conducted for a Malaysian retail organization  


The Edward De Bono Series

Six Thinking Hats®

The de Bono Thinking Systems® are in the business of changing the way businesses think. This programme will teach its participants how to make the best decision in an effective manner, with immediate take-home value for achieving quality in both corporate an individual decision making and constructive opportunity thinking.

Learn to:

–  Lead more focused and productive meetings
–  Reduce adversarial interactions and judgmental thinking
–  Explore all aspects of each situation
–  Create a dynamic, positive environment for total team participation


Think On Your Feet!®

Think on Your Feet program has achieved worldwide recognition as one of the most original and useful communication workshop taught today. It has been conducted throughout the US, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The highly interactive workshop teaches the art and science of conveying convincing, confident and memorable ideas. Every session considers your real work challenges and training goals to help you communicate effectively therefore saving your company time, costly errors and build stronger dynamics.


De Bono Lateral Thinking®

This programme is the culmination of Dr de Bono’s life work, bringing together his experience and key concepts in a program proven successful around the world. Strongly recommended as a follow-up after the Six Thinking Hats® program.

Learn to:
–   Develop your creativity and find alternative solutions
–   Bring your creative thinking and the thinking of others into sharp focus
–   Create new and practical ideas by deliberately using provocative statements
–   Dramatically increase the number of ideas harvested through thorough checklists
–   Spark creative thinking by using random words and objects
–   Constructively challenge your organisation’s current thinking
–   Find and build on the concept behind one idea to create even more ideas
–   Turn ideas into practical forms

Six Thinking Hats® workshop in action


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