Forthcoming Events

(1) “4th Showcase Bangladesh – Go Global” on

      11 July 2019 at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur


We are pleased to inform that the Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) will be organizing the “4th Showcase Bangladesh – Go Global”, in collaboration with the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, MASSA and MATRADE. 

The Showcase has been changed to a new date and will be held as follows:

Date:                11 July 2019 

Time:                9:00am- 5:00pm

Venue:             The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur

Programme:     9:00am-10:00am     –   Registration & Networking
                         10:00am-11:00am     –   Opening Ceremony
                         11:00am-12:30pm     –   Plenary Session
                         12:30pm-2:00pm    –   Networking Lunch
                         2:00pm-3:00pm       –   Seminar
                         3:00pm-5:00pm       –   Business Meetings, B2B
                         7:30pm-9:00pm       –   Gala Dinner


This Showcase aims to promote Bangladeshi products and services for export and create awareness of Bangladeshi brands.  Bangladeshi products and services include Readymade Woven & Knit Garments, Frozen fish, Leather goods, Jute and Jute products, Tea, Pharmaceutical products, Ceramic tableware, Halal products, Leather products, ICT.  Showcase Bangladesh – Go Global aims to promote bilateral trade and commerce between Bangladesh and Malaysia by facilitating business-to-business interactions among business people from both countries.

A B2B session will also be held at the Showcase for Malaysian businessman to meet with the Bangladesh business groups on the following sectors:- 

Ready-Made Garments – RMG Electrical & Electronic Products
Ceramic Goods Frozen/Salted and Dehydrated Fish
Leather Products Frozen Food
Jute Products Plastic Items
Electronics Footwear
Food Items Bicycle
Chemical Herbal & Health Products
IT/Software Cosmetics
Furniture Printed Materials
Machinery Others


Bangladesh also offers compelling propositions for Malaysian entrepreneurs to invest via locating their manufacturing facilities in their Free Trade Zones and Industrial Parks.

You are cordially invited to visit the 4th Showcase Bangladesh to meet your business and trade partners as well as find out about business opportunities in Bangladesh.  Participation is free of charge. However, prior registration is required.

There will also be booth space available for rental to interested companies to display their products at the Showcase.   


For further details to the above, kindly contact BMCCI or MASSA Secretariat at:-

Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI)  
Cell:  +88 01819 412 110
Tel:   +88 02 9852519-20


Malaysia South-South Association (MASSA)
17th Floor, Bangunan AmBank Group
Letter Box No.17A, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2078 3788 / Fax: +603-2072 8411 / +603-2031 0208


MASSA Events

(1) 18 January 2019 – Tan Sri Azman Hashim, President of MASSA meeting H.E. Dato’ Astanah Abdul Aziz, Malaysia Ambassador to Morocco

Courtesy call on Tan Sri Azman Hashim, President of MASSA by H.E. Astanah Abdul Aziz, Ambassador of Malaysia to Morocco at his office.

(left to right) H.E. Astanah Abdul Aziz, Ambassador of Malaysia to Morocco, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, President MASSA and Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary MASSA

(2) 24th January 2019 – Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) Seminar

The Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) organised a seminar on “Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)” and 21st Century of Diplomacy: An Introduction and Networking Event for Asia’s Diplomatic Corps” at AIAC, Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Vinayak Pradhan, Director of AIAC welcomed and introduced the Roles & Objectives of AIAC.


Mr Vinayak Pradhan, Director of AIAC  welcoming participants to the AIAC Seminar and sharing about its role as an arbitral institution


Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil Abraham speaking on Investment Treaty Disputes

The Seminar was aimed at informing Malaysia’s international commercial community about AIAC’s services in the areas of international arbitration.  International Arbitration has become a preferred means for resolution of cross border disputes between private commercial parties.  It offers a quick, cost-effective and equitable resolution of commercial disputes between international parties.

Headquartered in Malaysia, the AIAC is able to assist in commercial disputes in a range of areas that include:-

– Investment Treaty Disputes
– Maritime Disputes
– Oil & Gas Disputes
– IP & Domain Name disputes

Contact Details:-

Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC)
Bangunan Sulaiman
Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2271 1000
Fax: +603-2271 1010

(3) 25 January 2019 – Courtesy Call on President of MASSA by High Commissioner of Ghana to Malaysia

H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora, High Commissioner of Ghana to Malaysia made a courtesy call on MASSA President, Tan Sri Azman Hashim at his office. Her Excellency was accompanied by Ms Neematu Ziblim Adam, Minister-Counsellor of the Ghana High Commission at the meeting. Ms Ng Su Fun, MASSA Executive Secretary also attended the meeting.

(left to right) Ms Ng Su Fun, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora and Ms Neematu Ziblim Adam


(4) 6 March 2019 – Ghana High Commissioner hosted Dinner for MASSA President & MASSA Members

MASSA President, Tan Sri Azman Hashim and MASSA Vice President, YABhg Tun Michael Chen Wing Sum together with some of the members of MASSA was invited to H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora, High Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana’s residence for a sumptuous dinner to celebrate the occasion of the Republic of Ghana’s 62nd Independence Day.

The Ambassador of Senegal in Malaysia, H.E. Fatou Danielle Diagne and the High Commissioner of the Republic of The Gambia to Malaysia and ASEAN countries, H.E. Madame Ramzia Diab Ghanim was also at this dinner.  MASSA looks forward to strengthening the renewed ties with Ghana, Senegal and the Republic of The Gambia.

(left to right) H.E. Fatou Danielle Diagne, Ambassador of Senegal in Malaysia, H.E. Madame Ramzia Diab Ghanim, High Commissioner of The Republic of The Gambia to Malaysia and ASEAN Countries, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, President of MASSA and H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora, High Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana to Malaysia

(left to right) H.E. Madame Ramzia Diab Ghanim, High Commissioner of The Republic of The Gambia to Malaysia and ASEAN Countries, H.E. Fatou Danielle Diagne, Ambassador of Senegal in Malaysia, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, President of MASSA, H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora, High Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana to Malaysia and Tun Michael Chen Wing Sun, Vice President MASSA


(5) 12 March 2019 – EXIM Bank “Cross Border Financing and Trade Credit Takaful Seminar” for MASSA Members

EXIM Bank organised a “Cross Border Financing and Trade Credit Takaful Seminar” for MASSA members at EXIM Bank’s Head Office. 

EXIM Bank has been a steadfast and valuable partner for Malaysian businesses venturing abroad be it for trade/or investments. They have a constant eye on global economic outlook and risk scenario and have assisted their clients to tailor their financial products and services to help bridge the last mile for their clients to successfully undertake their cross-border businesses.

EXIM Bank put together a series of informative presentations that included:

–   EXIM Bank: Your Global Trade Partner
–   Trade Credit Takaful And Political Risk Insurance:
     Trade with Absolute Confidence.
–   Global Outlook & Risk in Emerging Economies
–   Prokhas Sdn Bhd: Working Capital Guarantee Scheme

EXIM Bank’s Products

Encik Wazir Bahatin, Head of SME & Commercial Banking Dept of EXIM Bank presented the first session on “EXIM Bank: Your Global Trade Partner“ to participants at the seminar


The second session was presented by Head of Credit Insurance Department, Mr. Khoo Kah Jin on “Trade Credit Takaful And Political Risk Insurance: Trade with Absolute Confidence”






Ms Mazliza Zainal Abidin, Market Collaboration & SME Support, Guarantee Schemes Management of Prokhas Sdn Bhd presented the third session on “Working Capital Guarantee Schemes for SMEs and Corporate Sectors” – For more details, please log on to:


Puan Zabedah Giw, Head of Global Advisory & Research Department presented the final session on “Global Outlook & Risk in Emerging Economies” at the Seminar


The event was well attended by senior representatives from a number of the African countries.

Group photo taken at EXIM Bank Head Office – (left to right): Mr Khoo Kah Jin, Head of Credit Insurance Department, EXIM Bank, Mr Ernest Chirwa, First Secretary Trade, Zambia High Commission, H.E. Walubita Imakando, High Commissioner Zambia, Mr Azhar Awang Kechil, Acting President/CEO & Deputy President Business of EXIM Bank, Madam Neematu Ziblim Adam, Minister Counsellor, Ghana High Commission, Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary MASSA, Mr Denzel G Koopman, First Secretary, Namibia High Commission, Mr Schoeman du Plessis, Deputy Head of Mission, South Africa High Commission and Mr Simon Ankonga, Second Secretary, Namibia High Commission

(left) Mr Schoeman du Plessis Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission of South Africa High Commission (right) Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary of MASSA


Delegates listening to the presentations


MASSA thanks EXIM Bank for facilitating the session and hosting a sumptuous luncheon wherein participants were able to network.

(left to right) Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary MASSA, Ms Florence Khoo, Asst. Executive Secretary MASSA and Encik Azhar Awang Kechil, Acting President/CEO & Deputy President Business, EXIM Bank


Contact Details:

Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad (EXIM Bank)
Head Office
Level 1, EXIM Bank
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel +603-2601 2000
Fax: +603-2601 2100


(6) 22 March 2019 – MASSA Meeting with H.E. Ambassador Dato’ Bala Chandran Tharman at Wisma Putra, Putrajaya 

Dato’ J. Jegathesan, Executive Committee MASSA, Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary, MASSA and Ms Florence Khoo visited Ambassador Dato’ Bala Chandran Tharman, current MASSA Ex-Officio representing Wisma Putra at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya.

Ambassador Dato’ Bala is the UnderSecretary, International Cooperation and Development Divison of the Multilateral Affairs Dept. at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His Excellency was briefed on the objectives and mission of MASSA. 

(left to right) Ms Florence Khoo, Ambassador Dato’ Bala Chandran Tharman, Ms Ng Su Fun and Dato’ J. Jegathesan

(6)  11 April 2019 – MASSA visit to SIRIM Facilities 

MASSA in collaboration with MAJECA jointly organised a visit to SIRIM for a briefing of their facilities.

Encik Zulkifli Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Strategic Planning of SIRIM Berhad welcomed all participants and introduced the role, objectives and vision of SIRIM to them.

SIRIM is a premier industrial research and technology organisation in Malaysia; SIRIM is a wholly owned company of the Malaysian Government under Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). With over forty years of experience and expertise, SIRIM is mandated as the machinery for research and technology development, and the national champion of quality. SIRIM has always played a major role in the development of the country’s private sector. By tapping into expertise and knowledge base, SIRIM focuses on developing new technologies and improvements in the manufacturing, technology and services sectors. SIRIM nurtures Small Medium Enterprises (SME) growth with solutions for technology penetration and upgrading, making it an ideal technology partner for SMEs.

As the national champion of quality, SIRIM through its subsidiary company SIRIM QAS International, is Malaysia’s leading testing, inspection and certification services provider, accredited under numerous bodies including the National Accreditation Body, the Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) among others. SIRIM plays an active role in local industry standards development and supports national growth in human capital of local industries through technology and certification training programmes. SIRIM also assist organisations towards implementing excellent business culture by associating quality, technology and best practices.

SIRIM is a member of the Global Research Alliance (GRA), a cooperation of leading knowledge-intensive technology organisations from nine countries in four continents. The alliance has a combined strength of more than 50000 scientists and technologists committed to developing global knowledge networks for industry and industrial sectors to enhance their competitiveness. SIRIM is also a member of World Association of Industrial and Technological Organisations (WAITRO), an independent association of industrial research organisations founded under the auspices of the United Nations. It currently has 160 members in 80 countries.

Encik Zulkifli Abdullah welcomed MASSA participants to SIRIM and presented the strategic plans, goals and vision of SIRIM in Malaysia’s development of industrial research and innovation

Presentation by Ir. Rohaizat Omar, Senior Enginering of the Machine Design Section and Machinery Technology Centre on the roles and objectives of the National Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Smart Manufacturing to participants


SIRIM showcased its stingless bee (Kelulut) IoT Honey Farm Project using Kelulut Integrated Information System (KIIS), a type of digital sensory device to measure temperature and humidity of Kelulut (stingless bee) hives in real time.

KIIS uses IoT-based (Internet of Things) device engaging digital sensors to measure temperature and humidity of nests automatically, periodically and in real time. The device transmits this data wirelessly to a data collection unit (Unit MK) via Wi-Fi Technology and subsequently to a cloud server via the GSM / GPRS module. The data then can be accessed through a web-based system on the computer and on Android based smartphone.

This device continuously and consistently monitors the hives to ensure that the colony stays productive, which will result in an increase of honey productivity and the beekeeper income as well. In other words, beekeepers no longer have to manually monitor their colony productivity status with the assistance of Kelulut Integrated Information System.

SIRIM Kelulut Integrated Information System video:

Group photo taken at SIRIM


MASSA members found the visit most useful and informative.

(7) 23 April 2019 – Visit of H.E. Mr Md Shahriar Alam, M.P., Honourable State Minister of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh and delegation to MASSA

H.E. Mr. Md Shahriar Alam, M.P., Honourable State Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Bangladesh led a delegation comprising senior officials from MOFA and accompanied by H.E. Mr. Md Shahidul Islam, High Commissioner, Bangladesh High Commission to Malaysia visited MASSA.

Members of the Bangladesh delegation included:

-H.E. Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam, High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Malaysia

-Mr. A.F.M. Gousal Azam Sarker, Director General, MOFA, Bangladesh

-Mr. Md. Reyad Hossain, Director (SMO), MOFA Bangladesh

-Mr. Salahuddin Kasem Khan, SEACO

-Mr. Md. Rajibul Ahsan, First Secretary (Commercial), Bangladesh High Commission.


The delegation was received by MASSA EXCO member, Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong who is also the Honorary Advisor of Expertise Resource Association (ERA).


 The delegation had a fruitful meeting with members of MASSA and ERA.

(3rd from left) H.E. Mr. Md Shahriar Alam, M.P., Honourable State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh meeting with (2nd from left) Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong, MASSA EXCO member


(Front row, left to right) Ms Ng Su Fun, H.E. Mr Md Shahriar Alam, M.P., Honourable State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong, H.E. Mr Md. Shahidul Islam, High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Malaysia, Mr A.F.M. Gousal Azam Sarker, Director General, MOFA, Bangladesh and Mr Salahuddin Kasem Khan, SEACO


Staying Ahead in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) World

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)


With shorter, more volatile economic and market cycles, the ability of any company to achieve and maintain market leadership is increasingly challenging. In the race to stay ahead, a key strategy often overlooked is talent and workforce development. It is always important to maintain a good team of agile, productive and effective employees equipped with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) offers a range of signature programs to nurture various essentials skills for the workforce, ranging from executives to corporate leaders.

The Change Essentials Programme

The expectation for leaders at all levels to deliver results under conditions of increasing change and uncertainty is ever present in various organisations. However, many of these leaders are unprepared and are ill-equipped to lead change.

In SHRDC’s Change Essentials Programme, participants will first learn the components of Dr John Kotter’s 8 Steps for Successful Change and Four Critical Leadership Principles that must be in place to ensure successful change. John Kotter is Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School.

Participants will then explore and practise how to get and keep people on board and support change by learning about the definition of true urgency and how to build and maintain it in their own context.

The session includes practices, interactive exercises and tools in the following core areas:

–  How to Build a Foundation for Successful Change

–  How to Ignite Urgency for Change

Applying the principles for building urgency, you will work with different types to establish momentum for an idea or a current change initiative. Focus areas include how to gather support, how to identify who must be urgent, and how to develop messages that both appeal to all styles and rise above the din of competing messages.

This is two-day, classroom-based, highly interactive programme for up to 25 participants. There is approximately an hour of pre-work that can be completed either online or through handout materials. The structure includes a mix of individual, small group and large group work. This session is most appropriate for mid-level leaders and high potentials; facilitators can also tailor the delivery so that the programme is relevant for senior leaders or front-line managers.

Kotter leadership round table in New Delhi with 10 companies earlier this year      


Leading Positive Performance Workshop

 A positive, engaged brain is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy and is essential in rapidly-changing environments. As such, the Leading Positive Performance workshop provides a blueprint for increasing employee engagement and tapping into people’s intrinsic motivations.

The workshop teaches the seven core principles of the science of happiness from The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life by Shawn Achor. These principles – the Happiness Advantage; the Zorro Circle; the 20-second Rule; the Social Investment Solution; Mindset Matters; the Tetris Effect; and Falling Up – provide a springboard for people at the individual, team and organisational levels, thus showing people how to infuse positive practices in their personal habits, teamwork routines and the organisation’s culture.

The Workshop

Using The Orange Frog – a story written specifically to support this workshop – as a backdrop, participants explore their own workplace and identify similar pressures, characters and threats as Spark, the main character in the story.

They are then challenged to develop habits and strategies to resolve these pressures, thus allowing them to follow Spark’s journey and develop strategies to ripple positive results throughout their own teams and departments.

Primary Workshop Objectives

–   Increased Individual Positivity (Self Leadership)

–   Sustained Team Happiness and Adaptability (Team Leadership)

–   Increased Happiness and Engagement across the Organisation

     (Culture Shaping)

Recent Leading Positive Performance Workshop conducted for a Malaysian retail organization  


The Edward De Bono Series

Six Thinking Hats®

The de Bono Thinking Systems® are in the business of changing the way businesses think. This programme will teach its participants how to make the best decision in an effective manner, with immediate take-home value for achieving quality in both corporate an individual decision making and constructive opportunity thinking.

Learn to:

–  Lead more focused and productive meetings
–  Reduce adversarial interactions and judgmental thinking
–  Explore all aspects of each situation
–  Create a dynamic, positive environment for total team participation


Think On Your Feet!®

Think on Your Feet program has achieved worldwide recognition as one of the most original and useful communication workshop taught today. It has been conducted throughout the US, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The highly interactive workshop teaches the art and science of conveying convincing, confident and memorable ideas. Every session considers your real work challenges and training goals to help you communicate effectively therefore saving your company time, costly errors and build stronger dynamics.


De Bono Lateral Thinking®

This programme is the culmination of Dr de Bono’s life work, bringing together his experience and key concepts in a program proven successful around the world. Strongly recommended as a follow-up after the Six Thinking Hats® program.

Learn to:
–   Develop your creativity and find alternative solutions
–   Bring your creative thinking and the thinking of others into sharp focus
–   Create new and practical ideas by deliberately using provocative statements
–   Dramatically increase the number of ideas harvested through thorough checklists
–   Spark creative thinking by using random words and objects
–   Constructively challenge your organisation’s current thinking
–   Find and build on the concept behind one idea to create even more ideas
–   Turn ideas into practical forms

Six Thinking Hats® workshop in action


For more information on these programmes: contact SHRDC at tel: 03 5513 3560 or email:


Contact Details:-

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)
No. 1, Ground Floor, Block 2
Pusat Perniagaan Worldwide
Jalan Tinju 13/50, Sect 13
40100 Shah Alam
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-5513 3560
Fax: +603-5513 3490





Greetings from the MASSA Secretariat!

We have just passed 1Q2019 and are pleased to report on a number of events and initiatives by MASSA.

The Malaysian Ambassador to Morocco, H.E. Dato’ Astanah Abdul Aziz and the High Commissioner of Ghana to Malaysia,  H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora, made a courtesy call on MASSA President, Tan Sri Azman Hashim at his office.  These diplomats have strongly encouraged MASSA and its members to take a closer look, if not once again, at the emerging opportunities in their respective countries.  Much have changed and a lot of progress have taken place.  MASSA would be pleased to organise a business mission, if members come forth with interest.  In this edition, we have a feature on Ghana, specially prepared by H.E. Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora for our readers.

EXIM Bank organised a Cross Border Financing and Trade Credit Takaful Seminar for MASSA members on 12 March 2019.  It was well attended by MASSA members.  We give you a report in this edition of the newsletter.

On 11 April 2019, MASSA visited SIRIM Berhad (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).  SIRIM is Malaysia’s premier industrial research and technology organisation.  Being a wholly owned company under the auspices of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), it is mandated to lead the way for research and technology development and be a champion of quality.  MASSA members were also taken on a tour of its gallery showcasing many milestone achievements todate.

We are also pleased to present members with a number of star programmes conducted by the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) to assist companies in their endeavour to nurture essential skills to meet the rapidly changing environment.  SHRDC has a wide range of good programmes catering to every developmental  stage of companies which are growing, transitioning, transforming or adapting to the new modern economy of today.

Going forward, our associate, Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) will be holding its 4th edition of “Showcase Bangladesh – Go Global” in Kuala Lumpur on 11 July 2019.  Members are encouraged to come join this event, network and meet potential business partners in this South Asian country with 170 million population.

MASSA’s planned business mission to Papua New Guinea (PNG) together with Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) did not materialise due to insufficient participation. 

Nevertheless, we encourage members to look out for our weekly circulars to keep abreast of events taking place that would enable you to expand your business horizons and network. 

We thank all our contributors and partners for sharing their information and insights for this edition of newsletter.


Editorial Committee

MASSA Secretariat 



President’s Message

Bank Negara Annual Report 2018 highlighted that the global economy started the year 2018 on a positive note riding on synchronised growth.  This growth soon dissipated when global trade tensions and financial market volatility heightened.  Global growth moderated to 3.6% in 2018.

The Malaysian economy in 2018 expanded moderately at 4.7% (2017: 5.9%).  Despite its positive start to 2018, the economy was also impacted by the global challenges in addition to unexpected supply disruptions in the agriculture sector and commodity exports and slowdown in manufacturing activities.  Malaysia’s economic growth for 2019 may moderate further to 4.4%, relying on domestic demand to steer growth.

Going forward, the global scenario will present challenging economic headwinds and new areas of uncertainties as global growth moderates.  This is not a new phenomena and we can count on past experiences to help us ride through the turbulence.  I encourage members to keep the pioneering spirit and to build upon our business experience and connections and arm ourselves with new knowledge, transform and take risks to apply new and innovative technology, not only to increase output and productivity but to also create new products and services, new methods and processes that are more efficient and productive that can yield better profits.

YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad launched Ind4WRD in October 2018.  This is Malaysia’ response to Ind4.0 and it calls for transformation of the manufacturing sector and its related services to be smarter and stronger, driven by people, process and technology.  The manufacturing sector remains the backbone of Malaysia’s economy.  At  MASSA’s 27th Anniversary Dinner, our Guest-of-Honour, YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad encouraged and gave his continuing support for MASSA and its members to seek business opportunities in the developing countries of the South.
MASSA has embarked on a series of outreach events to familiarise members with the efforts of the Government to develop the digital economy eco-system so that our businesses can embrace the technological change and accelerate our respective adoption of Industry 4.0. MASSA’s visit to MDEC, MIMOS & SIRIM was useful and informative.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution calls for a new level of thinking and also novel approaches to business.  It is my hope that members can then take these ideas on to your South-South connections and partners in the developing countries.

I appreciate the continuing support and cooperation of all our Executive Committee and members and your participation in MASSA’s activities.


Tan Sri Azman Hashim





AMK Business International Sdn Bhd

AMK Business International Sdn Bhd (760124-H)
About Us: Working with a network of associates, the trade & business
advisory services AMK Business International Sdn Bhd
can provide include:

  • Advisory services related to international trade, FTAs, and import & export policies and regulations.
  • Regular updates and alerts on policies, regulations and developments affecting the business interests of foreign and local companies.
  • Developing promotional strategies and programmes for export markets, including advise and information on government assistance and support programmes.
  • Brief studies on market potentials in Malaysia for imported products based on: import data, import tariffs and policies,product standards and other regulatory requirements and industry developments.
What We Buy:
What We Sell:
Contact: Datuk Merlyn Kasimir
Location: No.1, Jalan SS 22/42, Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya,Selangor , Malaysia
Tel/Fax No: Tel: 603-7731 7055  / 6012-334 6918
Industry: Trade and Business Advisory

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (200866-W)
About Us: TNB’s core activities are in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. In addition to being the nation’s primary electricity generation enterprise, TNB also transmits and distributes all the electricity in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan. As at 30 June 2018, TNB supplies electricity to approximately 9.0 million customers.

TNB, through its subsidiaries, is also involved in the manufacturing of transformers, high voltage switchgears and cables; the provider of professional consultancy services, construction and operating and maintenance of district cooling facilities, generation equipment, repair and maintenance, fuel supply services; services related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and power quality; higher education and skill training and undertakes research and development.

As an integrated electricity provider, TNB has and will continue to meet its crucial role in powering the nation’s progress.

What We Buy:
What We Sell:
Contact: Manager, Investor Relations
Investor Relations Department
Location: Tingkat 4, Ibu Pejabat Tenaga Nasional Berhad
No. 129, Jalan Bangsar
59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel/Fax No: Tel: 603-2296 6748  Fax : 603 2284 0095
Industry: Utility/Energy

Forthcoming Events

(1) Seminar on “Cross Border Financing & Trade Credit Takaful” 

MASSA and EXIM Bank will be jointly organising a Seminar on “Cross Border Financing & Trade Credit Takaful” for MASSA members.

The topics of the Seminar will be on the following:-

(1) EXIM Bank: Your Global Trade Partner

(2)   Secure Trading with EXIM Bank’s Trade Credit Takaful and Political Risk Insurance.  Why Your International Business Must Have It?

(3) Global Outlook & Risk In Emerging Economies

Members who are interested to attend the Seminar, please contact MASSA Secretariat at Tel: 03-2078 3788 or Email: or for further details.


(2) Grants and Funds offered by MATRADE 


The Services Export Fund (SEF) is a scheme to provide assistance to Malaysian  Services Providers (MSPs), Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Professional Bodies to undertake activities to expand and venture into the international market.


The objectives of SEF are:

i. to increase the competitiveness of Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) overseas;

ii. to increase accessibility and expand export of MSPs in the global market;

iii. to expand the scope for export promotion to gain market access and export opportunities for services; and

iv. to raise the profile of Malaysia at the international level as competent service provider and brand Malaysia as a supplier of services.

 Eligibility Criteria

 To qualify for the SEF:

A. Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) must be:

i. Incorporated under the Companies Act 1965, Malaysia;


  Malaysian professionals either sole proprietors or partnership, registered with respective professional authorities in Malaysia;

ii. Having at least 60% equity owned by Malaysian;

iii. Company must be in operation for at least one (1) year and not dormant company;

iv. Not a Government Linked Majority Owned Company;

v. Registered with MATRADE under the Malaysia Exporters Registry (MER) at and

vi. Exporting Malaysian Services.

Eligible Sector

All services sectors are eligible to apply except tourism and financial sectors.  Among the focus sectors are:

–  Oil and Gas
–  Aerospace
–  Logistics
–  Legal
–  Accounting
–  Franshising
–  Business Services
–  Construction and Related Professional Services
–  Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
–  Information and communication technology (ICT)
–  Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
–  Maritime
–  Education
–  Healthcare

B. Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce & Professional Bodies

i. Registered with the Registrar of Society (ROS) or Associated Professional Authority.

 Please contact MATRADE’s Officer – Mr Hafiz Jalil at +603-6207 7582/Email: or Mr Husni at +603-6207 7584 / Email:  for further details on “Services Export Fund (SEF)”.   


I.     Objective

To assist Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Professional Service Providers, Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Professional Bodies in undertaking eligible export promotional activities.

II. Form of Grant 

Reimbursable grant (reimbursable financial assistance).

III. Grant Ceiling 

RM200,000 per eligible company.

(Any company that has utilised the full grant amount of RM200,000, since the date of commencement of MDG in 2002, will no longer be eligible for consideration).

*MDG reimbursements for any given year will be subject to the availability of funds.

IV. Mandatory Requirements 

  1.     Registered with MATRADE under the Malaysian Exporters Registry (MER).

(Please ensure that your company is already reqistered with MATRADE and update current information.  If not, you can commence registration at:-

      2.        An active business entity (NOT applicable for company less than one (1) year).

3.         Not a Government Linked Company (GLCS) or have government equity (federal or state).

4.        Export promotional activities which are subsidised or sponsored by third parties  are not eligible for MDG. (e.g. Ministries or Government agencies/Trade and Industry Associations/Chamber of Commerce/Professional Bodies and Others).

5.        All completed applications must be submitted online through MATRADE’s website at within 40 calendar days as per following:-

       i.   from the last date of promotional activity for:
            –  International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions held locally or overseas;
            –  Trade & Investment Missions (TM) or Export Acceleration Missions (EAM);
            –  International Conference overseas.

ii.  from the first day of listing in the Supermarkets/Hypermarkets/

      Retail Centres overseas.


For further informations on “Market Development Grant (MDG)”, please contact MATRADE’s Officer – Puan Marina at +603-6207 7575/Email: or Puan Asiah at +603-6207 7573 / Email:   



–  Trade Ministers of both countries signed an agreement on 2nd July 2004 to officially launch the fund.
–  RM2.5 million each from both countries.
–  Jointly administered by IE Singapore and MIDA (July 2004-24th May 2012), IE Singapore and MATRADE (24th may 2012 – till now).



To encourage business people from Malaysia and Singapore to co-operate and jointly identify business and investment opportunities in 3rd countries.

Sectors covered by the fund

–  Infrastructure
–  Manufacturing
–  Tourism
–  Services
–  Trade
–  Information Technology
–  Constuction
–  Infrastructure Development

For further informations on the “Malaysia Singapore Third Country Development Fund (MSBDF), kindly contact – Encik Nasaruddin at +603-6207 7223/Email: or Puan Aida Zureen at +603-6207 7224 / Email:   

(IV)  GO-EX PROGRAMME (For Beginner and Small Scale Exporters)

The Go-Ex programme is one of the High Impact Programmes (HIP) of the SME Masterplan and developed as part of the Government’s initiatives to guide and enhance the growth of exports of Malaysian SMEs.  MATRADE was appointed as the implementing agency of the programme to nurture local SMEs to become more resilient and competitive in the international market place.  This programme is aimed at addressing challenges faced by SMEs on new market entry due to the high upfront costs and the lack of detailed knowledge about new markets and competitors.  For more information,  please log on: or contact Officer in charge: Ms. Raisa +603-62077139/Email:


       (For Mid Tier Companies and Medium to Large Scale Companies)                                

The Mid-Tier Companies Development Programme (MTCDP) was established in 2014 to help local mid-tier companies (MTCs) in Malaysia to accelerate their export growth and to strengthen their core business functions. Only 50 high-performing MTCs will be selected per year to participate in this 9-month programme.  MTCs in Malaysia are defined as companies with annual revenues between RM50 million to RM500 million in the manufacturing sector and between RM20 million to RM500 million in other sectors. For more information, please log on:

Please contact Officer in charge: Mr. Shahrulmiza +603-62077138 / Email:

(VI) MATRADE also have e-trade programme to assist Malaysia companies to develop their cross border e-commence.  More information,  please refer to below link and chart:

MASSA Events

(1) MASSA Members visited Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) on 25 September 2018

MASSA members attended the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)’s Official Launch of “Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0” and “Signing of  Memorandum of Cooperation between SHRDC & Swiss Smart Factory” at SHRDC in Shah Alam.



The event was launched by YB Amirudin Shari, Selangor Chief Minister and the Ambassador to Switzerland, H.E. Michael Winzap. 

MASSA members later toured the MSF 4.0 laboratory and partner showcase. 

(2) Presentation by Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to MASSA members on 27 September 2018

H.E. Emir Hadzikadunic, Ambassador of Bosnia and  Herzegovina gave a presentation of his country Bosnia & Herzegovina – economic and business prospects to MASSA members.  

(left to right) H.E. Emir Hadzikadunic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary, MASSA and Ms Julinah Amit, Assistant Manager, Corporate Planning Dept. of Selia Group

His Excellency’s presentation revealed that Bosnia & Herzegovina offers many opportunities in the tourism sector arising from its beautiful country in all its seasons.  This country is a major supplier of food to EU and there are many opportunities in the agriculture sector including halal certification and development.

As a developing country, there are many areas where foreign investment is encouraged.  These include the utilities sector, property & commercial development, finance & banking, manufacturing and many more. 


*More information on Bosnia & Herzegovina could be located at the following link:

1. Sarajevo –

2.  Economic Potential in Bosnia & Herzegovina

3.  Bosnian Landscape


Ms Julinah Amit, Assistant Manager, Corporate Planning Dept. of Selia Group also presented her company’s investment in the construction sectors in Bosnia & Herzegovina to MASSA members.  Selia Group is one of the leading engineering, construction and maintenance companies in Malaysia.

Group Photo with (3rd from left) H.E. Emir Hadzikadunic and MASSA members who attended the presentation

For more information on Bosnia & Herzegovina, kindly contact the Embassy:-

H.E. Emir Hadzikadunic
Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Malaysia
JKR 854, Jalan Bellamy
50460 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2144 0353
Fax: +603-2142 6025

(3) Seminar on “Trade & Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania” on 30 October 2018 @ Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

MIDA organized a Seminar on “Trade and Investment Opportunities in the African Countries – Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa and  Tanzania” at the Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  The seminar was held in conjunction with “The Third Country Training Program (TCTP) – Investment Promotion for African Countries” facilitated by MIDA in collaboration with Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Ms Ng Su Fun, MASSA Executive Secretary moderated at the Seminar.


((3rd from left) Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary MASSA was the Moderator at the Panel Session with Speakers from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Republic of South Africa and Tanzania


A total of 15 participants from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Republic of South Africa and Tanzania participated in the programme.  The representatives from these 4 countries delivered a presentation on the Trade and Investment Opportunities in their respective countries. Participants attending the Seminar included many Malaysian companies, especially SME companies.

Seminar participants listening to the panel session


(2nd from left) Mr. Sivasuriyamoorthy Sundara Raja, Executive Director, Investment Promotion of MIDA presenting a token of appreciation to (right)Ms Ng Su Fun, MASSA Executive Secretary


Group photo taken with MIDA officials and Seminar Speakers

(4) Courtesy Call by Mr Schoeman du Plessis, Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission, South Africa High Commission in Malaysia to MASSA Secretariat  

(left to right) Ms Florence Khoo, Asst. Executive Secretary MASSA, Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary MASSA and Mr Schoeman du Plessis, Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission, South Africa High Commission in Malaysia


Courtesy call by Mr Schoeman du Plessis, Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission from the South African High Commission in Malaysia at MASSA Secretariat on 14 November 2018.  Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary and Ms Florence Khoo, Asst. Executive Secretary met with Mr du Plessis to discuss activities and events for MASSA members. 

(5) Courtesy call on President of MASSA by H.E. Anne Namakau Mutelo, High Commissioner of Namibia on 21 November 2018  

H.E. Anna Namakau Mutelo, High Commissioner/Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia to Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines together with her First Secretary – Political, Mr Denzel G. Koopman made a  courtesy call on MASSA President, Tan Sri Azman Hashim at his office. 

The meeting discussed bilateral ties and the wish for both the High Commission and MASSA to encourage its business community to reach out to each other to expand economic ties.  

(left to right) Ms Ng Su Fun, H.E. Anna Namakau Mutelo, Tan Sri Azman Hashim and Mr Denzel G. Koopman


(left) H.E. Anna Namakau Mutelo and (right) Tan Sri Azman Hashim

(6) Courtesy Call by H.E. Ramadhani K. Dau, High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania to MASSA Secretariat on 7 December 2018

H.E. Ramadhani K. Dau, High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania made a courtesy call on MASSA Secretariat. 

Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary of MASSA met with His Excellency to discuss on activities and events for MASSA members.

(left to right) Ms Ng Su Fun, H.E. Ramadhani K. Dau and Ms Florence Khoo

(7)  Lecture on “Success Factors for Malaysian Port Development & Operations” for Senegal Port Delegates Official Visit to Malaysia on 11 December 2018

MASSA in collaboration with Africa South East Asia Chamber of Commerce (ASEACC) jointly organised a Lecture on “Success Factors for Malaysian Port Development and Operations” on 11 December 2018 at Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur for delegates from Senegal Port Authority and Africa Challenge Group. 

Mr Kelvin Tan, Secretary General of ASEACC welcomed all delegates while Ms Ng Su Fun, Executive Secretary of MASSA introduced the delegates. 


Mr. Paul Seo presented the lecture giving insights on:

* Overview and Introduction to Malaysia’s seaports and statistics;

* Development of Malaysia’s sea ports and current trends/outlook;

* Success factors in Malaysia port operations and key statistics to measure performance;

* Strategies to enhance competitiveness of ports and enhance of import export trade flows

(right) Mr. Paul Seo and (left) Mr. Kelvin Tan, Secretary General of ASEACC at the event


Senegal Port Delegates at the Lecture session

Senegal Port Delegates at the Lecture session

Group photo of Senegal Port Delegates taken with ASEACC, FMFF and MASSA

We thank ASEACC for jointly hosting the Senegal Port Delegates in Kuala Lumpur and Mr. Paul Seo for sharing his expertise.

Country Feature on South Africa

South Africa “Trade and Investment Opportunities Seminar” on 27 November 2018 at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The South African High Commission in Malaysia organised a “South Africa Trade and Investment Opportunities Seminar” at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
The Seminar was held in line with the President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa’s successful Investment Conference held on 25-27 October 2018 in South Africa which was attended by some of the top global corporations such as Alibaba, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen, Anglo American and Microsoft that mobilised R1.2 trillion in new investments from various multi-national corporations over the next five years.
The aims of the Conference were to:-

 • Improve investor confidence in South Africa;
• Reinforce South Africa’s investment profile;
• Investment opportunities in South Africa;
• Showcase unique features, strengths, competitiveness and attractiveness of South Africa as investment destination and
• Profile the country as the most industrialised country on the African continent and also a gateway into the large African and other international markets.

H.E. Samkelisiwe I. Mhlanga, High Commissioner of the South African High Commission in Malaysia presented a 40-minute presentation on the “Many Opportunities for Investment and Trade that South Africa offers to Malaysian Investors and Corporations” at the Seminar.


MASSA members who attended the Seminar were later invited to a private lunch hosted by the South African High Commission at the hotel.  Ms Florence Khoo, Asst. Executive Secretary represented MASSA Secretariat at the event.


Appended below  are some of the slides presentation at the “South Africa – Trade and Investment Opportunities” Seminar for your information.