Benefits Of Joining MASSA

1. Information Resource and Guidance

On matters pertaining to Government policies, incentives, regulations, procedures and important economic factors enabling Malaysian companies to do business in and with developing countries.


2. Representation for Members

Representation to our Government to mediate members issues relating to their trade and investment activities in this country,  where possible, members’ common business problems/concerns in respect of doing business in and with developing countries.


3. Trade and Business Contacts

MASSA acts as a referral point for contacts in developing countries.  References and resources are available at MASSA’s Secretariat.


4. Trade and Investment Promotion

Fact-finding trade and investment missions and visits to selected developing countries are organised to assist its members to expand their market share and establish their  presence for their products and services.


5. Assistance to participate in international and selected trade fairs and exhibitions in the developing countries.


6. Information Circulars

MASSA issues regular circulars to members on business events happening locally and in developing countries.


7. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) 

MASSA supports members’ application for the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC).   The ABTC facility enables MASSA members who are citizens of Malaysia, holding a valid Malaysian passport to enjoy quicker access to APEC member countries by waiving the Visa application requirements.  Further information can be obtained from this