MASSA, Bringing The South-South Countries


MASSA is a business organization comprising Malaysian businesspersons interested to tap into business opportunities in the new emerging markets of the developing countries.  The MASSA network enabled its members to rely on each other’s strengths and resources, thereby minimizing risks while seeking market diversification.

MASSA plays a significant role as the conduit to establish business linkages between the business private sectors of Malaysia and its counterpart from the South-South countries.

MASSA aims to “Bridge the South-South” through business linkage activities thereby strengthening economic co-operation and fostering deeper mutual understanding and cordial friendships across the globe with the continued support from the Malaysian Government.



The Malaysian Government has been fully supportive of the association’s many initiatives, and continues to support MASSA’s activities to link the Malaysian business community with their counterparts from the developing countries.


Mission & Objectives

In a knowledge-driven global economy, MASSA’s experience and expertise in business diplomacy, intellectual capital and bilateral cooperation are key to helping its members avail trade and investment opportunities in South-South countries. MASSA acts as a dynamic link between the Malaysian business community and these countries. But more specifically, the main objectives of MASSA are :

i) To promote and enhance members’ knowledge and understanding on economic, trade and investment policies and conditions of South-South countries.

ii) To act as an informal liaison body between the private sector and the government pertaining to economic matters in the promotion of trade and investment.

iii) To provide a forum for the dissemination of ideas, discussions and dialogues in relation to trade, economy and culture.

iv) To enhance trade and investment relations and to foster friendship and cooperation among the members.