Greetings from MASSA!

The year has swiftly flown by and we have come to the last edition of MASSA’s E-Newsletter for 2019.

Since the last newsletter in August 2019, MASSA has had a few events in the last quarter of 2019.  The MASSA visit to Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) on 12 November 2019 was well attended by members.  SEDA officials presented the latest incentives for companies business entities (Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture) and residential owners to tap on the incentives offered by SDEA through its Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) programmes as part of the efforts to encourage more Malaysians to deploy renewal energy resources.

MASSA’s engagement with the African Nations are on-going.  This Newsletter has a feature on Egypt, a country with 101 million (as at 2019) population and a growing industrial sector.  Egypt is strategically located in the Gulf of Suez and has good business propositions for Malaysian business to consider.

MITI Minister, YB Datuk Darrel Leiking and his team of officials at MITI engaged the business private sector, over a month-long series of Consultative Dialogues in September 2019 with the theme “Rebuilding Malaysia Together – Strengthening Synergies between Government and Industry”.  The Consultative Dialogue brought industry and businesses together with Government to identify issues and challenges, provide feedback and offer ideas and solutions with the hope for the betterment of the business environment.

Going forward to 2020, we take cognisance of the challenging situations businesses will face both domestically and on the international front.  The era of digitalisation is fast evolving and transformation is the buzzword.  Companies need to be digital-ready to embrace new and innovative technologies that will shape and transform the business landscape.

MASSA is lining-up a series of events, visits and networking opportunities in 2020 for members to stay connected and to be updated on developments for the digital future.  We thank MIMOS for their informative article giving us a glimpse of their efforts to strengthen the Electrical & Electronics (E & E) ecosystem as this is a key enabler for technological transformation. 

We take this occasion to thank all our members, sponsors, associates and contributors for assisting us in bringing you informative articles in the publication of our E-Newsletter throughout 2019.

We look forward to your continuing support as we endeavour to add value to your South-South connections.

We wish all our members and readers “Season’s Greetings” and our best wishes for a “Happy, Healthy and Fruitful New Year 2020” !


Ng Su Fun
MASSA Secretariat