Greetings from the MASSA Secretariat.  All of us at MASSA Secretariat wish all members a happy and healthy new year 2017.

As we write this editorial, we want to remember our long serving MASSA news Editor, the late YBhg Datuk Fatimah Sulaiman, who passed on in September 2016.  We in the editorial team will miss her fellowship, ideas and commitment to the Association.  She will be deeply missed.

2016 flown by much too quickly.  For most of the year, unprecedented global events seem to have drawn our attention and focus.  As the year drew to a close, MASSA events also drew members closer to home.

The visit to Kuantan – ECER in September 2016 gave an interesting insight to the economic developments in the east coast.  The visit to the Kuantan port highlighted the extensive port upgrades that are in earnest progress to anticipate the economic influx of FDI, especially from China in the coming years.  Many economic and business linkages can be tapped and we urge members to earmark this region as an investment possibility.

Bangladesh – MASSA has, over the years, built a strong linkage with the Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI).  In December 2016, together with MITI and MATRADE, MASSA lent its support to BMCCI to organise the Bangladesh Trade & Investment Summit in Kuala Lumpur.  The event was a resounding success.  The panel of speakers gave an encouraging business perspective to doing business with Bangladesh.  No longer seen as a country to source competitive labour, but an investment destination to manufacture and launch our exports.  MASSA will be working closely with BMCCI in 2017 to follow through, on initiatives arising from the Trade & Investment Summit.

We introduce a new developing country, Suriname.  The Ambassador of Suriname, H.E. Anwer S. Lall Mohamed, delivered an encouraging presentation on his country and welcomed Malaysian corporates to explore potential for business in his country.  In this new year, MASSA will be working with MARDI Holdings Sdn Bhd to explore this new emerging country.

The MASSA Secretariat will continue to endeavour to deliver timely information and updates from all quarters to members, via our weekly circulars.

We thank all members, associates, sponsors and contributors for assisting us in the publication of our e-newsletter throughout 2016.  We look forward to your continuing support to bring to members, interesting and useful articles that can add value to your respective business endeavours.

We wish all members and readers “Season’s Greetings” and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Ng Su Fun
MASSA Secretariat