AMK Business International Sdn Bhd

AMK Business International Sdn Bhd (760124-H)
About Us: Working with a network of associates, the trade & business
advisory services AMK Business International Sdn Bhd
can provide include:

  • Advisory services related to international trade, FTAs, and import & export policies and regulations.
  • Regular updates and alerts on policies, regulations and developments affecting the business interests of foreign and local companies.
  • Developing promotional strategies and programmes for export markets, including advise and information on government assistance and support programmes.
  • Brief studies on market potentials in Malaysia for imported products based on: import data, import tariffs and policies,product standards and other regulatory requirements and industry developments.
What We Buy:
What We Sell:
Contact: Datuk Merlyn Kasimir
Location: No.1, Jalan SS 22/42, Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya,Selangor , Malaysia
Tel/Fax No: Tel: 603-7731 7055  / 6012-334 6918
Industry: Trade and Business Advisory