Forthcoming Event

1) Webinar on “Business Opportunities in the Republic of Guinea”

MASSA will be organising a webinar on the “Business Opportunities in the Republic of Guinea” in the first quarter of 2021. 

Further details on this webinar will be forwarded to MASSA members via our weekly circular once it is finalised.  Kindly contact MASSA Secretariat at Tel: +603-2078 3788 or email: or if you require further information on this webinar.


Information on the Republic of Guinea 

Conakry, Capital of Guinea


CAPITAL: Conakry
COASTLINE: 333 km²
LANGUAGES: French (official), Guerzé, Kissi, Koniagui, Koniaka, Kpèlè, Malinké, Poular, Soussou, Toma



10.7 million in 2015,

15 million (2025 estimate)

POPULATION GROWTH: 2.62% (2016 estimate)
INDEPENDENCE: 2 October 1958





Guinea Franc-GNF (31/12/2016)

1 Dollar US = 9 225,31 GNF

1 Euro = 9 643,22 GNF

1 Yuan Chinois = 1 326,54 GNF









 6.6 billion USD (2014)

Agriculture (18%), Industries (41.4%), Services (40.6%) (2014)

5.2% (2016 estimate)

8.4 % (July, 2016)

1,573.7 million (2015)

2,138.6 million (2015)

MAJOR TRADE PARTNERS (EXPORT RATE): South Korea (33%), India (25%), and Spain (8%) (2015)


MAJOR TRADE PARTNERS (IMPORT RATE): China (32%), Netherlands (19%), and India (7%) (2015



General Information on the Republic of Guinea


Guinea is endowed with abundant mineral resources, an agriculture-friendly environment with more than 6.2 million hectares of arable land and a hydroelectric potential of around 6,00 megawatts. Guinea also has the world’s largest reserves of bauxite (40 billion tons), the world’s richest iron ore (over 60% content), a reserve estimated at 20 billion tons that can be mined for 100 years. The sub-soil is rich in other minerals such as diamonds and base metals.

The Government of Guinea has been carrying on reforms since 2015 to achieve the following key objectives:

1) Develop Africa’s largest mining sector
2) Build small and large hydroelectric dams to generate sufficient energy
3) Develop infrastructure
4) Build modern cities
5) Release the country’s agro-business potential to achieve food self-sufficiency and become
a breadbasket for the West African region.

Priority sectors are:

a) Energy and hydraulics
b) Agriculture
c) Infrastructure
d) Mining
e) Post, telecommunications, IT and digital economy
f) Industry
g) Trade
h) Tourism

The Government of the Republic of Guinea would like to attract strategic partners and business private sector investments to work with them to achieve the above objectives in the priority sectors outlined above. 

MASSA is collaborating with APIP-Guinea and Mr Ismael Nabe, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Guinea in charge of Public-Private Partnership, Investments and Partnerships with Asia, to organise this webinar to explore the many business opportunities available in the Republic of Guinea.


 2) EXPO 2020 Dubai from 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

The EXPO 2020 Dubai is a World Expo hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  It will be held from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. 

This exhibition will be held at the  Dubai Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates covering an area of 438 hectares. This is the largest Expo ever held in the region.  It is set to welcome 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from across the globe.  This international exhibition will provide great opportunities for businessman wishing to expand their businesses overseas. 

For more information on this Expo 2020 Dubai, please log onto website: